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Drug Screens Specialist


Convenient Care Clinic & Primary Care Practice located in Crossville, TN & Kingston, TN

Before you can participate in certain sports or be hired by a new employer, you may need a drug screening. At ExacCare in Crossville and Kingston, Tennessee, the medical staff offers on-site drug screenings, including blood, urine, and hair sample testing. With an on-site laboratory, you can undergo testing and receive results all in the same appointment. To learn more about the available drug screening options, call the office.

Drug Screens Q & A

What is a drug screen?

A drug screen is a test that identifies one or more prescription or illegal drugs in your system. The most common types of drugs that testing can confirm include:

  • Opioids
  • Steroids
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Barbiturates
  • Amphetamines

Drug tests are often necessary prior to new employment, sports participation, or to ensure you’re taking the proper dosage of a prescription medication.

What types of drug screening are available?

There are several ways your ExacCare provider can determine if prescription or illegal drugs are in your body. The clinic offers a variety of drug screening options, such as:

  • Blood testing
  • Urine testing
  • Hair follicle analysis
  • Breath alcohol content

Depending on the requirements of your employer or the reason for the drug screening, your ExacCare provider can administer the proper test on-site.

How does hair follicle analysis work?

Unlike a urine drug test, which identifies the use of drugs over a few days, a hair follicle test allows your ExacCare provider to determine if you used drugs like opioids and methamphetamines within a 90-day period.

An employer may request hair follicle testing as part of your pre-employment screening process for a more thorough check of your drug use history.

What is the difference between breath and blood alcohol testing?

Breath alcohol testing measures the alcohol content that passes through the air sacs of your lungs and out of your mouth when you breathe. Breath alcohol tests are painless and simply require you to blow into a measuring device. Results of the test are immediate.

Blood alcohol tests a sample of your blood to determine how much alcohol you have in your bloodstream. Your ExacCare provider sends your blood sample to a medical laboratory for further analysis.

If you need drug screening services, call the office to learn more.

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